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The Benefits of Family Dentistry

How your family dentists in Auburn, California can help you and your family have healthy smiles.

Family dentistry can help you and your family enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. Your family dentist is an expert at treating all members of your family, from young toddlers to seniors. Dr. Dan Gustavson and Dr. James R. Dunn at Auburn Dental Aesthetics in Auburn, California offer comprehensive dental care, to help all members of your family maintain beautiful, healthy smiles.

There are many benefits to having a family dentist. When you establish care with a family dentist, you are going to visit someone you trust. Your care is delivered by someone you know, and someone who knows you and your family. You are going to a familiar, comfortable office, which puts your mind at ease.

Another important benefit of having a family dentist is if you have a family dental emergency. Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect it. You will feel better, knowing you or a family member can receive care right when you need it.

Family dentistry also means you can have all or most of your dental treatment completed under one roof. You won’t have to go driving all over town to see a specialist. Your family dentist does it all, and if you do need a referral, your family dentist can take care of that too.

These are just a few examples of treatment your family dentist can provide:

  • A first dental exam for your toddler
  • Cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants for older children
  • Fillings, orthodontics, and other services for teenagers
  • Crowns, whitening, and veneers for adults
  • Dental implants, dental appliances, and other services for seniors

You and your family deserve to enjoy the benefits of family dentistry. Start saving time, money, and stress by establishing with a family dentist today. Call Dr. Dan Gustavson and Dr. James R. Dunn of Auburn Dental Aesthetics in Auburn, California at (530) 830-3333. Call today.

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